Karl Hab ’24h Los Angeles’ – Book Signing

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Dans le cadre de la Biennale Design City-LXG, Smets accueille l’artiste Karl Hab, qui viendra dédicacé son dernier livre 24 hours Los Angeles.

The Parisian based photographer captures local street fashion, underground music scene, eclectic’s landscapes, everything that stops his « snake eyes ». « 24 hours Los Angeles » is a single vision, a unique feeling of this city in constant movement. It reflects the sensitivity of the light, the colorimetry of the landscapes and Hab’s beloved themes…
24 hours Los Angeles is a unique vision of the city showed through the eyes of young photographer Karl Hab. After many trips to L.A., Hab wanted to share his love and admiration toward the city and its meaning to him. His various experiences in the City of Angels, brought him to capture a certain essence of the city from different points of view…
There is a unique feeling when you come to L.A. and it starts when you exit the airport. It’s something so special that it’s hard to explain with words, especially when it comes to the beauty and the buzz of this city – which is why Hab used his lens to express himself.

*Exclusive Réserve Royale – Belgian Beer Tasting
*Music curated by DIXA

13 avenue de la Porte Neuve, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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