Food For Your Senses Festival 2019


This is it! 2019 will be the last edition of the Food For Your Senses Festival

There will be a limited amount of tickets to attend our Funeral Feast. Yes, we want it to be a feast. A wonderful feast! With everything that you associate with your favourite festival: a diversity in the program comprised of music, arts, workshops, activities, talks, performances and of course a camping. As always, we want this weekend not only to be a fucking brilliant party, but also a possibility to broaden your horizon, and to leave you with a giant smile on your face!

FFYS 2019 will be the edition we and you will remember as the happy ending of a long journey that can best be described as an emotional and unbelievably wonderful rollercoaster ride that lasted more than a decade. From Tuntange to Bissen to Kirchberg.

From a small festival organised by friends – who wanted to make something happen – to a well established open air festival organised by a group of more than 40 people that see themselves as a big festival family. A family that you belong to. FFYS was only possible because you were interested to be part of it. To be part of a weekend that resembled our ideal of a festival. Thank you.

Boulevard Pierre Frieden, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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