Congés Annulés : Opening Night


Opening Night featuring :

Forever Pavot (F)
Retro Grooving Machine

Forever Pavot is an ultimate groove machine combining elements of orchestral pop àla Gainsbourg with swinging 60’s melodies and an ultimate dance factor. If you’ve never seen them, now’s your chance!

No Metal In This Battle (L)
Post-Punk/Math-rock/ Afrobeat

Luxembourg’s infamous Afropunk band. So infectious it makes you wanna dance straight away. They’ve built themselves quite a reputaion with their catchy melodies and stunning live shows!

+ Lorenzo Senni (IT/Warp)

Lorenzo Senni has made quite an impression with the relase of it’s latest album “The Shape Of Trance To Come” on Warp. He evolves in a world where electronic music rhymes with complex rythms and tricky melodies creating a sound so fresh it makes you want to groove in polyrythm.

+ DasRadial (L)
Minimal retro 80’s synth

DAS RADIAL combines electronic soundscapes, horror like synthetics and beatnik word-massacres. His brutal hypno-performances stones your membranes!

+ Crop Circuit (L)

Live Electronics to dance the night away!

+ Loon DJ Set

2 place des Rotondes, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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